As the end of the year approaches, Project KSV/801 and Project KSV/020 have organized an Internal Technical Meeting with the Project beneficiaries on 14 December 2022. The overall aim of the meeting was to have an overview of the support provided to the selected VET schools for implementing newly developed curricula. Moreover, the meeting also focused on the future and the way forward in using equipment for technical workshops and laboratories, capacity development of teachers and enhancing cooperation with the private sector.

The meeting was opened by the director of the VET Department of the MESTI, Mr Lah Nitaj. In his welcoming remarks, he thanked LuxDev for the continued support offered to the MESTI, in the development and improvement of the VET sector. In addition, he emphasized the importance of the equipment to schools in implementing practical training and the DUAL VET system for students.

The meeting was continued by Mr Daniele Passalacqua, the CTA of both projects, (KSV/801 and KSV/020) who introduced the meeting’s agenda and objectives and moderated a focused discussion with the participants. Moreover, Mr Hajdin Berisha spoke about the provision of equipment to supported schools, followed by a focused discussion on the usage of equipment with the school directors, school-teachers, private sector representatives. During these discussions precious remarks were received from the private sector representatives, who expressed their willingness to continue supporting the VET schools in the practical training process.  

During the afternoon sessions, there were presentations on Capacity Development by Mr Mentor Rexhepi and Corporate Governance Techniques applied to VET Schools’ management by Dr Art Shala. These presentations were followed by guided discussions from Mr Passalacqua. 

This was followed by presentations of collaborations from directors of partner schools: Mr Hamdi Bytyqi “Skender Luarasi” school (Suhareke), Mr Atdhe Neziri “Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka” school (Kaçanik), Mr Blerim Gërvalla “Shtjefën Gjeqovi” school (Pristina), and Bujar Gjocaj “Gjin Gazulli” (Pristina). Finally, Mr. Bekim Kasumi from Kosovo Informatics Society (KIS) elaborated the models of Dual VET in the ICT sector. To conclude the meeting, the CTA summarized and presented the feedback from participants while thanking all the schools supported by the projects and the private sector for their great cooperation and commitment during the year of 2022.