On 13th  July 2022 the project in cooperation with the National Qualification Authority (NQA) provided training to sixteen (16) experts who will be part in the evaluation teams that will assess the applications of institutions applying for accreditation to offer RPL services. As foreseen by the current legal provisions, all institutions aiming to provide RPL services must be accredited by the NQA and the pool of experts trained by the project will be available at the national level for taking part in the evaluation teams.

Under the capacity development activities, the project is providing continuous support to the NQA on the selection, training and further development of two different types of competent external experts, making them available in the labour market in order to be hired by NQA. The first type consists of a pool of experts to be part of the teams that will conduct the evaluation of the accreditation process of RPL providers. The second type includes trainers and master trainers who will be hired to develop the capacity of the coordinators, mentors, as well as the internal and external appraisers that will work for the RPL providers. The teams of experts for the evaluation of the accreditation applications will assess the self-evaluation reports of the RPL providers, as well as on conducting the overall external evaluation including site visits. The creation of master trainers within NQA’s staff, civil servants or sector experts, will contribute to greater sustainability of the RPL component. During the month of August and September 2022 the project will continue with the provision of training to fifty-two (52) Master Trainers.