As part of the support to the three (3) VET schools supported by the project, on the 28th of April 2022 ESVET PRO provided twenty (20) Portable Computers (PCs) and two (2) laptops to “Adem Gllavica” school in Lipjan and “Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka” school in Kaçanik.

New IT laboratory of Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka School- Kaçanik
New IT laboratory of Adem Gllavica School – Lipjan

The provision of the equipment corresponds to the profiles developed by the Project KSV/020 in the technical sector which are implemented also in the schools supported by ESVET PRO. Herein, the equipment will be primarily utilized by the students in the metalworker, electric installer, water, sewage, heating, and cooling, and building insulation profiles while the laptops provided will be used by the management of the schools. On the other hand, the third school supported by the project “Lutfi Musiqi” in Vushtrri is a beneficiary of the two projects implemented by LuxDev (KSV/020 & ESVET PRO) and until now has received one-hundred and fifteen (115) portable computers, eight (8) laptops and one (1) photocopier machine.

Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka School – Kaçanik
Adem Gllavica School – Lipjan

The directors of the schools, Mr Zekirja Baftiu (Kaçanik), and Mr Skender Rudari (Lipjan) thanked the project for the continuous support and for the provision of IT equipment. Undoubtedly, the equipment will immensely support the teaching and learning process while offering students the chance to enhance their skills in using technology. The project team informed the directors that in May 2022, they will receive additional sets of technical equipment for each profile.

ESVET PRO remains committed to equip the VET schools with modern digital and technical equipment for the development and improvement of the infrastructure of the schools and the overall VET offer.