Following the successful training organized in December 2020 on financial planning and budget review by using one of the most sophisticated financial tools “Quickbooks”, the Project continued with the provision of support through another training which was held in April 2022.

The aim of the training was to provide capacity development and coaching to the staff of the VET schools supported not only by ESVET PRO but also Project KSV/020 in the field of improvement of financial planning, preparation of the budget, reorganisation of current financing resources and definition of current equipment/assets. The participants highlighted the ease in using the software and appreciated the fact that it allows to receive and review real time financial information. On the successful completion of the training, all candidates received the certificate by the project and the implementing partner Melita&Partners SH.P.K.

The implementation of the new financial software could lead to harmonization at a national level with regard to the VET financing system in Kosovo. Consequently, this solution would prove beneficial if it ought to be implemented in all the VET schools in Kosovo.

The project remains committed on the development and improvement of the VET sector in Kosovo and further capacity development sessions will be organized in the coming weeks.