Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is being further functionalized! One of Project KSV/801 main goals seek to support the relevant beneficiaries in the process of provision of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at the national level in the most needed/priority economic sectors.

RPL recognizes that knowledge and skills can be acquired from a range of learning experiences, including formal, non-formal and informal and may reduce the time and cost of study involved in completing a programme of study.

To achieve the goal mentioned above, the Project has given technical support at central and local level to support the establishment and implementation of a Recognition of Prior Learning system at national level – a crucial step to be closer to European Union standards.

Some of the many activities which have been completed are the development of digital tools for the management of RPL services, operationalization of RPL as Active Labour Market Measure (ALMM), and the support to the National Qualification Authority (NQA) and VET institutions in the accreditation and evaluation process.

To commemorate these achievements, the Project organized info session with interested parties on the provision of RPL. Important actors who supported the provision of RPL attended this event including Stergios Tragoudas – Programme Manager-EU Policies Education, Avni Gashi- Acting Director National Qualification Authority, Arta Hoxha – LuxDev Programmes Officer in Kosovo, Jehona Rexha- Head of the VET Department, Employment Agency and other guests.

During the event, the CTA of the Project, Daniele Cristian Passalacqua, thanked the European Union for financing this important project, LuxDev for supporting its implementation, and other important stakeholders without whom the achievements of ESVET PRO would not be possible. The CTA then presented the key outcomes of the RPL, the support of Project ESVET PRO in this regard, and what was achieved so far.

At the end, on behalf of European Union, Mr Stergios Tragoudas officially launched the RPL Management System, which will serve the process of gathering data on current and future priority profiles/occupations.

In addition, Mr Avni Gashi launched the e-accreditation system to support future RPL providers to apply for accreditation and support the National Qualification Authority (NQA) to process, manage, evaluate, and monitor the applications.  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from this year is open to all sectors and easily accessible for interested parties through the official platform

ESVET PRO will continue its support with awareness rising campaign and training to all institutions and individuals interested in provision and certification of RPL.