In the framework of the establishment and provision of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component at the national level, the project has developed the RPL Management System and e-accreditation system. Subsequently, on February 24, 2022 a training for the staff of National Qualification Authority (NQA) was conducted. The aim of this capacity development session was to train the staff of NQA for the implementation of the systems.  

The RPL Management System will be used to conduct an initial RPL needs assessment. The system allows potential candidates to pre-register and the data will be used by the NQA for the identification of the priority profiles in which RPL services should be provided.

The e-accreditation system facilitates the work of NQA to receive, evaluate and monitor the applications of future RPL providers in the process of accreditation. The system will be used also by the future RPL providers to digitally apply for the accreditation process for the provision of RPL services.

The project will continue to organize capacity development sessions for the staff of future RPL providers, RPL practitioners (mentors, coordinators, assessors) and external evaluation experts on the implementation of the e-accreditation system. The project remains committed to build a robust and sustainable RPL system at the national level.