During the last quarter of 2021, ESVET PRO Project conducted the capacity development activities for the implementation of the Industrial Liaison Unit (ILU). As the name implies, this unit aims to facilitate the establishment of relations with industry representatives to ensure the alignment of the VET offer with the labour market needs.

The capacity development activities were developed across the three VET Schools supported by the Project: Lutfi Musiqi in Vushtrri, Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka in Kaçanik and Adem Gllavica in Lipjan.

The main purpose of these activities was to show the importance of including the private sector as part of the core management within the VET schools and their influence in strengthening the quality and attractiveness of the VET offer. The training covered the following topics:

1. Mapping partnership needs and setting up a partnership strategy

During this activity the Project in collaboration with the school management mapped the current partnerships and scored the partnership performance. The participants reasoned on the next steps that the schools need to take with regards to partnerships and what could be done to enhance more prosperous partnerships.

2. Managing the Industrial Bodies

Given that the Inauguration of Industrial Bodies was completed during the second and third quarter of 2021, the school management and the private sector identified the importance of having the private sector involved in the middle-management of the schools. With this respect, ESVET PRO Project supported and coached the management of the schools and the private sector in the Metal Working, Heating/Cooling/Water and Sewage and Electrical Installation profiles. Many of these partnerships are exemplar because the schools have started to receive direct and tangible benefits within a short period of time.

3. Labour Market Information: its importance and the implementation within the school context

Project KSV/020 implemented by LuxDev has previously conducted the Labour Market Information (LMI) for six sectors, including 12 occupations. The findings were discussed with the three supported schools with the main focus on areas in which schools need to adapt their offer. In addition, the schools were taught on the methodology to map market trends and conduct LMI in the future by using qualitative and quantitative methods.

4. The Student Voice – mapping the student incentives and running the study

During the second quarter of 2021, ESVET PRO Project analysed the student incentives and prepared a report based on a sample of 355 students from the selected three schools. These studies will be used for the implementation of Business Model Approach and the creation of strategies and marketing materials. During these capacity development activities, the management of the schools was trained on the methodology used for this research, so that the schools will continue to do these studies periodically. The schools were also supported on developing the methodology, data collection, data input in the system, data analysis and report writing.

Improving VET schools’ performance in line with labour market demand requires big strategic moves. And every big move starts with a first step. The capacity development initiatives are an important step in the long road to making the Business Model Approach a reality. Further activities will be organized with the schools in the coming weeks.