Inclusive education is an integral part of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation policies. It makes it possible for education in Kosovo to be in line with contemporary education trends. Therefore, it is important to remember that inclusive education is not just about the school or the class a child attends; it also means adjusting to meet children’s needs rather than expecting children to fit into the system.

In ensuring equal treatment and offering an inclusive VET offer, in 2017, the predecessor of Project KSV/020, namely Project KSV/015, supported the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) in the development of Level 5 Qualifications for assistants to children/students with special education needs (SEN). Local experts developed the occupational standards of this qualification. In contrast, the development of the curriculum, the teaching and learning material, and the training of teachers was developed by the Project, the internationally renowned company, Pearson.

The third generation of students has graduated this qualification, making this initiative a success story that motivates them to develop other qualifications that lead to specializations and are needed in the labour market. The success of this initiative can be seen through employment figures of graduates who are hired by their respective municipality and work in public schools or are independently working with families needing assistance in taking care of children with special needs. For this reason, the research expert of the ESVET PRO has helped in doing a follow-up career study.

The objective of the SEN graduate career study is to identify the current employment status of graduates of the first and second generation that finished the Level 5 qualification and to assess the level of satisfaction of the graduates on skills and aptitude received from the qualification. The SEN graduate career study is similar to what Project ESVET PRO is creating, namely, National Graduate Tracking System (Tracer Study), in which level five qualification will be included.

At the beginning of October, the Project did a presentation and shared all the findings of the SEN Career Study with relevant stakeholders. Daniele Cristian Passalacqua –Chief Technical Adviser (CTA) of Project KSV/020, opened the event and expressed his gratitude and honour to have had an important role in making the education sector in Kosovo more inclusive by developing Level 5 Qualifications for assistants to children/students with special education needs. The results were presented by experts of Project KSV/20 and ESVET PRO, Blerim Haliti and Hana Bacaj. During this presentation, Lulavere Behluli – Head of the Division for Children With Special Education Needs- MESTI discussed the results of this study and its importance for future policy-making. The findings of this report provide a useful guide that should inform all the stakeholders working in this field to find ways to support these qualifications that promote inclusive learning and a more advanced education system in Kosovo.