The Project team met for the last time with Mr Paolo Cervino, the Resident Representative of the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency in Kosovo. Mr Cervino has served in this position since 2017. His contribution to Kosovo’s development through managing several projects will remain part of Kosovo’s history.

Some of the Project members have known him for years, while others have only had the pleasure of working alongside him for a short time. But for everyone, it felt like it was just yesterday that started working under his leadership.

The Chief Technical Advisor of the two projects implemented by LuxDev (KSV/020 & KSV/801), Mr Daniele Cristian Passalacqua, thanked Mr Cervino for his mission.

“I’m sure we all recognize, respect, and appreciate the valuable contributions he has made to Kosovo. The wisdom, skills, knowledge, and motivation that Paolo has instilled in us through examples have helped shape our careers. Today, we all realize how sad it is to say goodbye to someone who is not only a boss and a leader but also a colleague and a dear friend. Today, we are here to express our sincerest gratitude to Paolo for his incredible contributions to every staff member individually”.

Mr Cervino, through a short and emotional message, thanked all the Project members.

“I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Kosovo will be part of my life” stated Mr Cervino.

The Project team thanked Mr Cervino for the support and motivation shown over the years and wished him good luck and success in all of his future endeavours.

Mr Cervino will continue to be part of LuxDev at the Headquarters Office in Luxembourg.