The Project ESVET PRO has been supporting the Employment Agency of the Republic of Kosovo (EARK) with technical and financial support in establishing a legal framework and operational arrangements to include Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a complementary active labour market measure (ALMM). More specifically, ESVET PRO has provided technical support to the EARK to revise the Regulation on ALMM (No. 01/2018). The regulation is made operational through two related manuals: (1) The Operational Manual for Training and Re-Training, and (2) The Operational Manual for Employment Services Provision. The Project engaged an expert to revise the two manuals and provide training to the directors of VTCs on the implementation and operationalization of these manuals.

In June, Project ESVET PRO, EU representatives, EARK, VTC directors, and other important stakeholders met to mark an important milestone – the revision and update of two manuals that make Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) operational as Active Labour Market Measure (ALMM).

The Chief Technical Advisor of the Project ESVET PRO, Daniele Cristian Passalacqua, highlighted that:

“this ceremony constitutes only one of the agreed activities as part of the MoU co-signed between the Project ESVET PRO and the EARK. Our cooperation aims to support the EARK and VTCs to fully operationalize RPL as Active Labour Market Measure”.

The EU representative, Stergios Tragoudas, expressed his gratitude to EARK for their commitment and professionalism in collaborating with ESVET PRO, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by LuxDev. Mr Tragoudas stated that this event marks an important milestone for Kosovo’s VET education. He hopes that the Project and EARK will continue to bring greater outcomes to promote quality education and lifelong learning for all in Kosovo.

The director of EARK, Mr Drin Haraqia and the Head of the VET Department, Ms Jehona Rexha, thanked the ESVET PRO project for the support and assured that EARK would continue its commitment to the organization of future joint activities.

The event was followed by training delivered to all directors of VTCs on the implementation of the manuals. The Project ESVET PRO will continue to support EARK and VTCs in the successful implementation of the RPL component at the national level.