During May – June 2021, the Project ESVET PRO celebrated a great milestone through the inauguration of the Industrial Bodies. The main purpose of these events was to present the importance of having the private sector as part of the core management within the VET schools and their influence in strengthening the quality and attractiveness of the VET sector. Ensuring the quality and attractiveness of VET is important in providing the right competencies for the labour market and as a means of securing the quantity and the quality of VET graduates.

Therefore, one of the major components and support of ESVET PRO is implementing the Business Model (BM) Approach in the three selected VET schools by the Project. The Project established and started the implementation of the BM by identifying partnership gaps and promoting partnerships for the supported profiles, as well as launching the Industrial Advisory Boards (IAB) and Industrial Bodies (IB). By establishing the Industrial Bodies, the schools do not merely aim at fostering the relationship with the private sector but also intend to integrate the representatives of local businesses within the middle-management structure of the VET schools. This approach will ensure a constant presence of private businesses within schools and allow the utilization of the resources coming from the private sector. The Business Model approach is being adapted to Kosovo’s legal and economic environment. With the support of ESVET PRO and Project KSV/020, MESTI is in the process of establishing the legal basis for the implementation of the Business Model management concept in all VET schools.

Until now, the three selected schools have formalized over 50 partnerships with private companies engaged in the Industrial Bodies of the schools. More specifically, in each of the three schools, five to six businesses are part of one Industrial body. Partner businesses will be continuously involved in reviewing and updating qualification sets, effective provision of work-based learning, capacity development of teachers and school management, and long-lasting partnerships for the effective sustainability of the school.

The inauguration of the Industrial Bodies was organized and held within the premises of Adem Gllavica and Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka schools in the municipalities of Lipjan and Kaçanik respectively, to celebrate this important achievement for schools and businesses. These events were representatives from the business community, respective municipality officials, school partners, and project representatives.

The inaugural events were a first step in the long road to making the Business Model a reality.