Launch of Project ESVETPRO – One step ahead towards improvement of the VET sector  

On January 26th 2021, the Project European Union Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET), Professional Requalification and Occupation (ESVET PRO) organized an event to present its Inception Report. ESVET PRO is a three year fully funded Project by the European Union and implemented by the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency.

The Project aims to support VET reform’s most critical components, focusing on improving the structure and performance of the VET offer in Kosovo and contributing to developing a quality-based, inclusive education in line with the best international practices.

The event was held in a virtual setting and attracted a large audience with almost 170 participants from national institutions, civil society, the private sector, and donor-funded projects joining in from their work and home. The event was moderated by the CTA of the Project, Daniele Cristian Passalacqua, who presented the progress of the Project during its Inception Phase and shared with important stakeholders the forthcoming activities.

In addition, the Inception Report Presentation Event included speeches and testimonials from eminent public figures. The event was opened by Agim Bërdyna – Secretary General of Ministry of Education and Science (MES), Luigi Brusa – Head of Cooperation of European Union in Kosovo, and Paolo Cervino – LuxDev Resident Representative.

Furthermore, the testimonials of representatives of the private sector, civil society and VET schools enriched the event with enthusiastic speeches showcasing the most evident achievements of the already implemented good practices of LuxDev. These testimonials depicted a sense of commitment and trust towards the Project, with many stakeholders expressing their gratefulness and eagerness to work closely with ESVET PRO.

The Regional Representative of LuxDev giving his opening remarks on the Project ESVET PRO Inception Report.

Despite being held online, the level of connectedness with the audience remained high, which was done through polls during the event. The polls served as a means to keep the event interactive and collect expressions of interest from the participants on the various components of ESVET PRO.

Finally, the virtual event was concluded by Stergios Tragoudas– Programme Manager-EU Policies-Education. He praised the commitment of the stakeholders and partners and is looking forward to witnessing the opportunities this Project will provide not only at an institutional level but also to individual VET students. Altogether, the presentation of the Inception Report resulted in a dynamic event that registered enthusiasm and positive feedback from the participants. The event gave all its participants a feeling of hope and optimism and demonstrated the many opportunities that can be grasped in the VET sector.