The Project has established a practical and digitalised system in the selected three schools which supports the management to have more efficient monitoring, budgeting and management of the school finances.

One of the most important objectives of this intervention is  to have a clear evidence-based budget for each of the profiles in the selected schools and a student per-capita spending. Through this software, VET schools will gather information about costs per profile/student which will be useful for MESTI and MEDs to decide future budget allocations. Considering that the selected three schools have various profiles, the software was customised for each VET school, enabling them to categorise their income and expenditure according to their specific needs.

Therefore, in December 2020, a two-day training was held for “Adem Gllavica” and “Feriz Guri dhe Vëllezërit Çaka” Professional schools. The management of both schools was provided with information and instructions regarding the administration of the financial management system. The financial management system supports the VET schools management to track financial reports, including budget planning and registration of financial transactions during the fiscal year. In addition, it allows the VET schools to reorganise current financing resources to ensure efficient financial planning and increase budget performance.    The school management training marks a significant step towards the development of VET schools as contemporary institutions of knowledge and employability.